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Shoot the Book! Shanghai 2018

Institut français

As part of the 21st edition of the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), the second edition of Shoot the Book! Shanghai will be held on June 18 and June 19, 2018.

This event includes presentations of French and Chinese works to Chinese producers and meetings between professionals. French publishers gathered within the SCELF (Société Civile des Éditeurs de Langue Française) and BIEF (Bureau International de l’Edition Française) started this project, in partnership with the Embassy of France in China and the Institut français, and with the support of the Film market of Shanghai International Film Festival, this event aims to promote the cinematographic adaptation of French literary works by international producers.

The jury is composed of nine famous Chinese professionals (producers, screenwriters, directors) and it has selected 5 French books and 6 Chinese books (novels, comic strips) to be presented by its editors on June 18th in Shanghai. The books were selected based on their potential to be adapted on the screen by Chinese movie industry. Each one of the French publishers will also submit an additional book.

French books selected by the jury:

  • Monet, Itinerant of the Light (Monet, Nomade de la lumière) by S. RUBIO and R. FERNANDEZ alias Efa (Le Lombard Publishing) 

  • Empire of the Ants (Les fourmis) by Bernard WERBER (Albin Michel Publishing) 

  • I’ll do anything for you (Je le ferai pour toi) by Thierry COHEN (Flammarion Publishing) 

  • There you are. The 1001 lives of emergency services (Alors voilà. Les 1001 vies des Urgences) by Baptiste 
BEAULIEU (Fayard Publishing) 

  • The Wonderful Farm (Les contes du chat perché) by Marcel AYMÉ (Gallimard Publishing) 

Chinese books selected by the jury:

  • The snitch child goes to heaven 《告密的孩子上天堂》by WANG Ruoxu (Century Literature Publishing - Harvest Magazine) 

  • Oral archives. Or the last shaman 《唇典(最后一个萨满)》 by LIU Qing (China Writers Publishing House - Harvest Magazine) 

  • Corridor for life 《生命通道》by YOU Fengwei (People's Literature Publishing House - Harvest Magazine) 

  • The project Syscon 《西斯空计划》by NOC (Douban Publishing) 

  • Mengdong 《梦冬》by YI Nan (Douban Publishing) 

  • Baita looking for the seal 《白塔寻印记》 by WEI Shining (Douban Publishing) 

The "pitch" session will be followed by a business lunch, which will be an opportunity for discussions between producers and editors about the works and individual meetings with Chinese producers.