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Shoot the book! Cannes 2016

Institut français

The Institut français and the Société Civile des Editeurs de Langue Française (SCELF – professional association of French-language publishers) have joined forces for the second year running to develop the Shoot the Book! Cannes initiative.

On 17 May, in the Salon des Ambassadeurs, ten French publishers will present ten book adaptation projects selected by an international jury to producers from all over the world. On 18 May, the Institut français’ Les Cinémas du Mondes pavilion will host B2B meetings between over fifteen publishers and film professionals.

Shoot the book! allows French publishers to submit projects involving the adaptation of French books that they have published to international publishers.

The 10 books that will be pitched to the jury of film professionals on 17 May in the Salon des Ambassadeurs by the publishers will be:

 -       Théorie de la vilaine petite fille by Hubert Haddad, published by Editions Zulma

-        Madame Bâ by Erik Orsenna, published by Editions Fayard

-        Bilqiss by Saphia Azzeddine, published by Editions Stock

-        Et je danse aussi by AL Bondoux and JC Mourlevat, published by Fleuve Editions

-        Délinquants et victimes by Olivier Peyrous, published by Editions Non Lieu

-        Black Cocaïne by Laurent Guillaume, published by Editions Denoël

-        Mezek by Juillard and Yann, published by Editions Le Lombard

-        Le Cœur Cousu by Carole Martinez, published by Editions Gallimard

-        Les Gens Honnêtes by Durieux and Gibrat, published by Editions Dupuis

-        Il était une fois dans l’Est by Brimant and Oubrerie, published by Editions Dargaud

Following its international success thanks to the support provided to cultural offices, the Shoot the Book! initiative will once more be exported to Toronto in September 2016, on the occasion of the Toronto International Film Festival.

The list of projects selected for Shoot the Book! Los Angeles in November 2016 will be announced during the Shoot the Book! Happy Hour on 17 May at the Cinémas du monde pavilion.