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Quais du polar Festival 2016

Institut français

The Quais du polar Festival, a major event in the French crime fiction calendar, will take place in Lyon from 1 to 3 April 2016. As a partner to this event, the Institut français encourages encounters between French and international crime publishers, in order to promote the translation of French authors throughout the world; it is also a partner of the “Polar en série” (“Crime Series”) prize.

In recent years, more and more translations of French crime literature are being published throughout the world. Authors such as Dominque Manotti, Pierre Lemaitre, Hervé Lecorre, Tobie Nathan and Caryl Ferey enjoy the recognition of publishers from all corners of the globe, to the extent that French crime fiction has been dubbed the “new Scandinavian crime fiction”.

In order to extend the international reach of French crime fiction abroad, the Institut français has partnered with the “Polar Connection” day for the second year running: this summit is an opportunity to bring together French and international professionals in the publishing, film, and digital industries, all of whom have in common the fact that they celebrate the appeal and vitality of crime literature. The Institut français also allows the festival to invite around fifteen foreign publishers and literary event organisers, and organises professional sessions on Friday 1 April in the Palais du Commerce in parallel to the events devoted to the circulation of works and to the "polar à l'export" (“Exporting Crime”).

The Institut français also supports the “Polar en série” prize, together with the SCELF, with the aim of creating opportunities for encounters between authors, French and international publishers, screenwriters, translators and film producers.

Novels, comics and graphic novels, TV series, films, round tables, encounters, urban investigations, theatre, exhibitions, games – the Quais du polar Festival will take place in Lyon from 1 to 3 April.